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Jamie Varner vs. Gleison Tibau

Round 1:
Yves Lavigne is our referee for tonight's final preliminary bout. Varner circles left, blocks a high kick then paws out his jab. Varner lunges inside but eats a counter for his troubles. Varner lunges inside again and connects. Varner tries it once more but this time Tibau sees it coming and blasts him with a right hand. Varner cracks Tibau on the chin with a right hook. Tibau blocks a high kick. Tibau dives onto a single and completes it, landing in half guard. Varner scrambles to the fence and begins to wall walk. Varner turns and gives up his back.

Round 2:
Varner closes the distance then dives onto a guillotine. Tibau powers out and secures top position from within Varner's half guard. Tibau is working to isolate Varner's arm for an arm triangle. Varner gives up his back, then thinks better of it. Tibau is just overwhelming Varner here. Tibau continues to unload short punches. Varner rolls hard but Tibau just retakes his back. Tibau snatches Varner's left arm and briefly hunts for a kimura. Varner defends and scrambles into half guard, but this is still a bad spot. Varner is just holding on. The crowd isn't enjoying it. Tibau easily climbs into mount, but that's the round.

Round 3:
Varner needs to dial up his desperation. Tibau eats a stiff right. Varner follows up with a right to the body. Tibau ducks under a punch then perfectly times a power double. Varner scrambles back to his feet. Varner stalking forward. Varner rips into Tibau's midsection. Tibau cracks Varner with a straight left, then easily shakes off a takedown attempt. Whoa, Varner staggers Tibau with an uppercut. Varner closes the distance and changes levels, dumping Tibau on his back. Varner unloads a salvo of short punches. 90 seconds left. Varner has time to turn this around. Tibau eats another right hand. Varner's pace is slowing. Varner postures up and uncorks a few more shots. Valiant effort, but it probably wasn't enough.

Gleison Tibau def. Jamie Varner via split decision (29-28, 27-29, 29-28)

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