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Louis Gaudinot vs. Tim Elliott

Round 1:
Herb Dean is the third man in the cage. Both fighters meet in the middle of the cage and start trading. Elliott accidentally pokes Gaudinot in the eye. Oof, that didn't look pleasant. After a brief stop in the action, we're back. Elliott snatches a single leg and powers Gaudinot to the mat, landing in half guard. Elliott gives up a guillotine attempt, allows Gaudinot to regain his guard, then stands. Flying knee misses from Elliott. Gaudinot muscles Elliott up against the fence. Gaudinot releases and tosses out a few low kicks. Furious action here. Elliott wades forward and dumps Gaudinot on his back. Elliott unloads a series of hammerfists and short punches from top position. Elliott lets him up, but continues to pour on punches and knees from the clinch. Elliott takes the fight back to the ground, landing inside Gaudinot's guard. This round was all Elliott.

Round 2:
Elliott mixing up his attack. Elliott lunges forward with a flying knee, then lands a salvo of short elbows against the fence. Gaudinot fires back and crushes Elliott with a knee. Elliott's hands are at his sides. Elliott ducks under a wild hook then counters. Elliott wades forward connecting with a combination. Elliott is taking control of every striking exchange. Elliott eats a kick to hit a power double on Gaudinot, landing inside his guard. Elliott advances into half guard. Elliott crushes Gaudinot's body with short elbows. Gaudinot tries to generate some space and scramble out but Elliott is stifling. Elliott dives onto a leglock attempt.

Round 3:
Elliott immediately ducks under a shot and seizes a single. Elliott completes the takedown, working into Gaudinot's half guard. Gaudinot rolls to his side. Elliott lets him back up. Elliott unloads a salvo of wild attacks, then eats a low kick on the way to completing another takedown. Elliott goes back to his bread and butter, mixing short punches and elbows with stifling top control. Elliott is relentless here. Gaudinot opens his guard and tries to hip escape, but it ain't happening. Elliott continues to work the body. The hammerfists rain down as the horn sounds.

Tim Elliott def. Louis Gaudinot via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-26)
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