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Soa Palelei vs. Nikita Krylov

Round 1:
Al Wichger is the third man in the cage. Touch of gloves sets us off. Palelei catches a kick, lifts Kylov into the air then slams him to the mat. Krylov briefly hunts for a guillotine. Palelei escapes then rains down a few punches from the top. Krylov staying active on the bottom. Krylov snatches and traps Palelei's left arm. Palelei unloads a series of short punches that forces Krylov to let it go. Palelei jumps right into mount. Krylov gives up his back, then escapes out the backside. Palelei takes a heavy breath and Krylov unleashes a salvo. Palelei stays alive then works to Krylov's back. Palelei changes levels and dumps Krylov to the mat. Krylov throws up a triangle but can't get it. Palelei advances into side control. Oh wow, Krylov almost catches Palelei in a neck crank from the bottom. Palelei is exhausted but he won that round.

Round 2:
Palelei's corner is worried about his ribs. Palelei answers the bell and immediately dumps Krylov on his back. Palelei works right into side control, then jumps into mount. Krylov gives up his back. Krylov briefly grabs a single but there was no way that could've worked. Krylov slowly rises to his feet. Palelei muscles Krylov against the fence, then dumps him back down. Wichger doesn't like what he sees and stands it up. Krylov explodes into a salvo. Krylov is absolutely pummeling Palelei against the fence. Krylov drops for a double, then changes back upstairs. Hard uppercut from Krylov followed by a knee. Palelei is just eating these shots. Palelei fires back but it's in slow motion. Another big knee crushes Palelei. Both of these guys are wheezing. Heavyweight MMA, ladies and gentlemen.

Round 3:
Palelei complained of a broken rib but his corner insisted it was only a strain. Bizarre exchange there. Both men answer the bell and Palelei instantly blasts Krylov with a huge right hand. Krylov is on shaky legs. Palelei continues to whale away. Krylov slowly collapses to a turtle position. Palelei pounds away from top position. That's it. Wichger mercifully steps in.

Soa Palelei def. Nikita Krylov via TKO (punches) at 1:34 of round three.
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