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Ryan Couture vs. Al Iaquinta

Round 1:
Yves Lavigne is our referee. Iaquinta lunges inside with a left hook. Couture eats a right hand then fires back a front kick. Couture sneaks an inside leg kick high but Iaquinta just shakes it off. Iaquinta blasts Couture with a looping right hook. Couture staggers backward then regains his composure. Iaquinta catches a front kick then dumps Couture on his back, but can't follow up. Couture stands and trades. Iaquinta connects with a hard left to the midsection. Couture cracks Iaquinta's jaw with a flying knee. Iaquinta changes levels and powers Couture to the canvas, landing in full guard.

Round 2:
Iaquinta slips in a gorgeous counter left. Iaquinta trips and Couture uses the moment to close the distance. Iaquinta fights off a takedown then squirms back into the center of the cage. Couture grasps for a single leg but he can't get it. Iaquinta cracks Couture with a straight right. And another to the body. And another over the top. Whew. Couture drops for another single. Iaquinta won't let him finish it. Iaquinta blocks a front kick up the middle. Iaquinta is starting to dominate these exchanges. Couture blocks a high kick. Iaquinta shoots inside for a double and gets it, ending the round in top position.

Round 3:
Couture lets out a howl. He told his corner he needs a finish, so let's see if he comes out with some desperation. Couture changes levels for a double leg and muscles Iaquinta to the mat. Iaquinta pops right to his feet and breaks away. Couture blasts Iaquinta with a flying knee. Iaquinta wades forward and answers with a looping right hook. Oof, Couture eats a nasty counter right hand. Couture works his jab and circles away. Couture drops for a takedown but Iaquinta defends, then starts brutalizing his midsection against the fence. Tremendous salvo there from Iaquinta. Couture blocks a high kick. Iaquinta wades inside an lands a standing elbow. Iaquinta effortlessly catches Couture's front leg and dumps him on his back. Couture stands, but Iaquinta is winging heavy leather.

Al Iaquinta def. Ryan Couture via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

It doesn't look like Ryan is going to have his dad's success.
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