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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post

Noone expected the Commons to dare actually defy the US...I mean, most of us dont want to do anything about Syria...but what the people want dont mean anything to the Government anymore.

Yesterday they didnt just upset the US...they also upset the Prime looks very bad when you, as a leader, want one thing...and your Government, and people say you cant have it
Speaking of looking bad, first, the President threw out that "red line" comment last year without any thought, and obviously with no afterthought to prepare to back it up, then he talks as if he will definitely be taking action, all the while announcing what he's planning--"limited and narrow", "shot over the bow"--but now he's willing to wait to get Congress' approval AFTER they return from their break. He's leaving Tuesday to go to Sweden and then on to Russia and Congress doesn't get back 'til Sept 9.

Is Obama hoping Congress will say, "No", so he has a way out of this?
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