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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post

1) He doesn't act when he should, and acts when he shouldn't.

2) When Bush was President, Obama said the President had no authority under the Constitution to take military action without bringing it before Congress unless we were in immediate or imminent danger. Well Bush did get the approval of Congress for Iraq and Afghanistan, but Obama refuses to call Congress back in session and present this to them for their approval.

3) We should all be scared, Dave.
1) I kind of aggree...His whole Administration has been to do exactly what his people dont want him to do. He appologises to the Arabs, He sends aid to the palestinians, he keeps holding his country at fiscal cliff levels, he pushed through a basic National Health Service in the United States, he left Hosni Mubarack to hang in Egypt, and now he wants to fire a round of misiles into Assyria to prevent something that has already happened He wiped millions of the shares of BP for that oil spill, and pretty much abandoned his citizens in Benghazi.

2) The US President doesnt need Congress to authorise war Now...even with afghanistan and Iraq...both the US and UK put the war to a vote. No internal laws were violated by either Nation...I assumed that Obama would immediately call Congress and have them assemble for a vote on the use of American forces in Syria...even if it is just a few missiles rather then a full scale land invasion..which ironically, the latter would at least make sense...whereas I simply dont understand the point in warning somebody for a using a weapon...when they already used it...deterents work best when deployed before the action they prohibit take place I dare say this is what happens when you put a civilian with no military experience, in a high ranking military position...obviously...he doesnt get it

3 I dont fear America bombing Syria...neither do I fear Syrian response...what I fear is the Russians deciding to attack the United States in retribution...we've seen how countries get sucked into wars due to alliances...look at how the first world war began...the echo is there...I fear a conflict between the US and Russia for two reasons...first, I fear the conflict itself may happen in the med, where Russia could sink US ships. Secondly, the US is running low on money, and we have a president comming to the end of his wouldnt be a good time for the US to find itself in any strife at all. Finally...the last thing we want is to be dragged into a REAL war between America and Russia...

You see how Syria has become a by-word...just like Yugoslavia, Serbia, Bosnia did in the first world war...people forget that the triggers are not usually the focal point a year onwards.
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