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In Which Questionable Assertions Abound

You know what the best part is about receiving a weekly deluge of mail from our listeners? I mean, aside from reading the first few words of each one, then passing out from too much cold medicine, then waking up with Twizzlers wrappers stuck to our faces, then saying ‘•••• it’ and going out to race go-karts?

It’s that even when they’re crazy and weird, they’re rarely boring. So thanks for that. Now enjoy these GIFs while we go on a quick Twizzlers run.

From Luke Rodgers: What are your thoughts on kids watchin MMA?

For the past 12 months I’ve been watching the UFC with my daughter who’s now 15 months old. This last week she pushed a boy over at nursery and started laughing.

My wife said that she can no longer watch MMA with me.

Do you think children watching MMA would influence them to be more violent? I watched wwe (WWF in those days) as a youngster and it didn’t really influence me to start clotheslining people.

From Handsome Pat Fanin: Am I the only one tired of hearing what the UFC should be doing? “Latin America” this, “low ratings” that, hit steve Mazzagatti with a wiffleball bat.

I feel as though since the UFC is viewed as a new organization(which it really isn’t) and MMA is viewed a new sport(only relatively), it gives the fans and media types unjustified confidence that they know how to grow the sport/organization.


From Ismeal Batres: How do you think Dana White will take the news if Ronda Rousey actually sticks around for two years more??

I’m positive that right now he’s thinking she’s only saying that as of now, but she’ll stick around when she starts making that Anderson Silva money.

Thing Is, I actually believe her.

With all this movie stuff coming in and all the magazine covers she’s doing; I can see why she doesn’t want to get punched the face for several years to come. So my question is, how do you think Dana White will take the news and do you see the women’s division being as popular or if it’ll even stay?

From Jeremy Murphy: I was on the UFC’s website today, and noticed that Sean Sherk is still listed as a U.F.C lightweight even though he hasn’t fought since September of 2010 (Three Years ago).

Also, at 36-4-1 Sherk has a better Record that both Fedor Emelianenko and Anderson Silva (weird).

Will he actually return to the UFC after three years away from the sport? How will he do?

From Mark German: H