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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
The problem Barack Obama has is that he has no credibility, he's shown the world he's all talk, no action. After he left Americans to die in Benghazi and he let all our embassies be burned all across Africa and Asia with no consequences and no one being made to pay, they knew for sure then, they have nothing to fear from him. Also, I don't think he has any leverage to use to try to affect the situation. If we cut off aid to Egypt, it could impact Israel.

From what they are reporting today, people were cheering the military as they forced their way into a mosque where MB had barricaded themselves after they attempted to storm the police station yesterday that's located right next door to the mosque.

Btw, wasn't it the military that finally told Mubarak he had to go? Who has the real power in Egypt, the President or the military?
The Military.

The Military I think but Hosni in place...they removed him...they sorted out the democratic vote, they put the brotherhood in its place, they removed them, they put someone else in.

Its the Military that run Egypt...but over time, a President can sway the Military as Hosni did as Generals come and go...
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