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Default If this Luke Cummo video isn't an example of someone on drugs, then I donnu what is

Anyone remember Luke from TUF 2 (Matt's first season)? Yeah, he's a bit of a whack-a-doo...

You guys remember Luke Cummo. The TUFer on season two that was picked last but still fought his way to a UFC contract. The guy even got Fight of the Night honors against Jonathan Goulet at UFC Ultimate Fight Night 5 back in 2006. He was also one of the first UFC fighters to maintain a vegan diet while still performing relatively well. Alright, he has a record of 6-6 -- but it's still six more professional MMA victories than you will ever accumulate in your life.

Luke Cummo is also a strong believer in drinking one's urine to replenish vitamins and minerals lost in the body. Yet, even that isn't as shocking as this video he released of himself doing cartwheels in his apartment while forming a Transformers-inspired mantra as he blankly gazes into the camera. Props to Iron_Snuggie for the +100 news tip.
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