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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Matt has earned a shot, don't you guys agree?
he has yet to beat a top ten welterweight ... put him in there with the likes of ellenberger, condit, kampman and see how he does ... i don't think he would look as dominant ...

overall a great card imo ... knew sonnen would win, but didn't know by submission ...

thought the reem stoppage was early, but i think browne woulda just beat reem unconscious in a few more seconds ...

i was blown away by the lauzon fight .. didn't think johnson could hang with him ... his standup has come a long way ... is that the first time lauzon has made it to a decision? can't remember any of his fights going the distance!

ok ... so his last fight went the distance .. LOL .. he doesn't have a good record in fights that go all three rounds!
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