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Urijah Faber vs. Iuri Alcantara

Round 1:
Yves Lavigne is our referee for this bantamweight bout. Alcantara immediately hip tosses Faber into mount. Whoa. Alcantara deftly transitions into a belly down armbar. Faber hunts for a leglock. Alcantara abandons the armbar and takes Faber's back. Faber is in a bad, bad spot. Alcantara postures up, unloads a few hammerfists, then stretches Faber out. Faber scrambles out, lifts Alcantara above his head and powerbombs him to the canvas. Wow. Alcantara transitions right into a triangle from the bottom. Faber muscles out and unleashes a salvo of heavy punches. "USA! USA!" chants erupt from the crowd. Faber continues to work from top position. What a round.

Round 2:
Alcantara catches Faber with a left hand. Faber stumbles to the mat, then pops to his feet and winds up in top position after the ensuing scramble. Alcantara opens his guard and postures up against the fence. Faber smashes a knee into Alcantara's sternum. Faber briefly hunts for a guillotine, then lets it go and continues to work short elbows from the top. Faber is stifling here. Faber stands, then dives back inside for a guillotine. Alcantara defends, but eats another slew of short elbows for his troubles. Faber just pounding away. Alcantara generates some space and climbs to his feet. Alcantara looks for the outside trip but Faber catches and reverses it. Faber ends the round in top position.

Round 3:
Faber slips shooting for an early takedown but makes it out unscathed. Alcantara paws out his jab. Alcantara cracks Faber with a looping right then shucks off a takedown attempt. Faber seizes Alcantara's back and drags him down to the mat. Faber works the body with lefts inside Alcantara's guard. Alcantara nearly sweeps into mount, but Faber maintains control and unloads a few short elbows. Alcantara eats a salvo of heavy lefts. Alcantara rolls for an armbar, then transitions into an omaplata. Faber twists free and secures side control. Great fight.

Urijah Faber def. Iuri Alcantara via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)
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