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Conor McGregor vs. Max Holloway

Round 1:
The hype of McGregor is on display. Herb Dean gets the reffing call. And we're underway. Kicks from McGregor. High and low, working Holloway's kneecaps. He's whipping the legs pretty fast. Now he's throwing leather, and Holloway happily trades. Neither man scores on it. McGregor keeps his posture straight, almost MAchida like. He races to middle of cage and puts his hands up. Now he unleashes a combination that marks up Holloway a little bit. The dings are show. Holloway starting to bleed on his face, and his neck is red. Crowd loving the action from McGregor. He continues to come up top with the kicks. Twitch movement to get out of the way of Holloway's punches, which are isolated right now. Again McGregor lands a head kick. Each time he resets he does a little zen movement where he puts his hands up. Holloway returns a kick up top but it didn't land cleanly. Nice leg kick from Holloway bends McGregor a bit, but he then fires a head kick and it crashes into Holloway. Takedown attempt at the end by McGregor.

Round 2:
Crowd with a nice ovation for McGregor as he comes out for the second. Lunging combination from Notorious, and he backs Holloway to the fence. Then he retreats to the center of the cage and sets up court again. McGregor has used both hands out as distraction to set up his head kicks. But he's mixing it up enough that Holloway is guessing. McGregor drops his hands and slaps his own face, egging Holloway on. Blood under Holloway's nose coming down. McGregor still looks in near mint condition. He is perhaps slowing a little bit though. He comes in for a flying knee attempt and catches a Holloway left right on the chin. Nice counter there from Holloway. Now McGregor with a big left of his own, and McGregor gets Holloway to the mat. He's trying to pass Holloway's guard. Nothing doing. Now McGregor postures up and lands a couple of shots from the top, but Holloway quickly hugs him back into guard. Repeat, but this time Holloway tries for an upkick and gets McGregor's shoulder and he power bombs back into guard. McGregor quickly to side control, but he's unable to advance things further as the horn sounds.

Round 3:
This and final round. Crowd once again revs up just before Dean brings the fighters back together. Nice exchange early of kicks. McGregor changing levels, and now shoots in on Holloway and dumps him on his back. Right back into guard, now with a mountain of time to do work with. Doesn't waste any movements, either—he goes immediately into side control. Now McGregor goes for mount, but can't quite get there. Holloway briefly stands up but McGregor imposes his will and drags him back down. Restart. Immediately McGregor goes back to work advancing his position, and this time he flattens Holloway out and is able to attain mount. Now he's being calculated and Holloway tries to buck him off. Boxing the ears of the young Hawaiian. Dean says something and McGregor shakes his head in understanding. Big right hands staight into the grill of Holloway, who has managed to get on his side but is twisted and vulnerable. McGregor dominant on top. He is trying desperately for the finish, it's clear. Holloway is tough, and hanging on, but he doesn't have anything for the Irishman. But, he is finally able to get back to his feet, and then catches McGregor with a kick. McGregor retreats momentarily and, not wanting to get cute, immediately takes Holloway back down. The fight ends with McGregor in Holloway's guard. His fight the whole way through. The two embrace after the fight in good sportsmanship.

Conor McGregor def. Max Holloway via unanimous decisions (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)
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