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Diego Brandao vs. Daniel Pineda

Round 1:
Mario Yamasaki is the referee. Before the fight, Pineda is forced to remove the heavy tape on his right ankle. Pineda moving forward early, winging punches, but nothing serious lands. Kick exchange there, and Pineda took the worst of it. Brandao coming to life now, throwing kicks. He lands a big knee. And we're rolling. Pineda smiles and returns fire. Crowd into it. Very loud in the building. Brandao showing how explosive he can be, and how quick. Now he's standing in the pocket and throwing uppercuts. After the flurry both guys a little slower right now. Pineda again gets tagged but then counters with a combo and smiles. Pineda gets tagged again, and Brandao tries to deliver the knell while Pineda was floored, but nothing doing. Now Brandao on top of Pineda, and momentarily moves to full mount, but Pineda able to get up in a hurry. Quick paced action here. Both guys to the middle of the cage now. Pineda leads with a right jab and tries to throw some heat with the left behind it. He's getting his, but Brandao isn't going anywhere. Both guys put there arms out like airplanes for a minute there and the crowd boos the showboating. First round in the books.

Round 2:
Second round starts right where first left off, both guys swinging and standing in. Brandao waits for Pineda to commit to a punch and tackles him to the mat. He tries to advance his position, but Pineda is wily enough to squirm out. For a brief second, Pineda went for a triangle, but it slipped through. Now they are back up. A little exchange, and both guys smile at each other. Once again Brandao rushes in and takes down Pineda along the stencil of the Octagon. This time he postures up and works from the guard. Pineda staying busy on his back, and he's fishing for an arm to get a kimura. Instead, he ends up reversing Brandao and ends up in mount. Now he's dropping elbows in succession down on Brandao. This looks bad for Brandao. He's got his arms out like a man in a bad storm, trying to see. Now he grabs an ankle and begins to turn! Crowd lets up a roar, but he can't torque enough and lets it go. Pineda back in Brandao's guard. Brandao obviously fading a little bit. Big hammer fist flurry there at the end. Great stuff from both guys. Hell of a fight so far.

Round 3:
Frantic fight. Third and final round, and Pineda waves the crowd on. Crowd obliges. Here we go. Brandao with a head kick that Pineda gets his hands up for just in time for. Now Brandao puts his head down and bull-rushes, dumping Pineda on his back. Long arched pinches land from the top, but they are now back up. For a moment, that is. Brandao once again puts his head into Pineda's stomach and takes him down. They get back up. Nice counter caught Pineda, a right to the nose. As with everything in this fight, Pineda walks right through it and keeps coming. Brandao goes to his default, and tackles Pineda once again. This time he catches his breath in Pineda's guard. Both guys are heaving, but the action is live. Pineda trying for that Kimura again, and again nothing doing. Back to the stalking in the middle, and again Brandao takes him down. Brandao tucks into Pineda's neck with a lapse in action, and the ref stands them up. Good combo from Pineda this time, and he shoots in for a takedown of his own. Brandao prevents it. Both guys clobber each other one more time and smile as the horn sounds. Great slobberknocker fight. Will be hard to top for the fight night bonus (and what a way to kick off the FS1 era).

Diego Brandao def. Daniel Pineda via unanimous decision (29-28 three times).
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