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Manvel Gamburyan vs. Cole Miller

Round 1:
Big height advantage for Cole Miller (6-foot-1) against Manny Gamburyan (a generously listed 5-foot-5), but hey, that's usually the case for Gamburyan. Ronda Rousey in Manny's corner. Yves Lavigne is the referee. Here we go. They touch gloves. Leg kick from Gamburyan. They circle. Miller errant on a couple of early high kicks. Using the push kick early. Mostly feeling out in the early first. Isolated strikes. Gamburyan has twice come in with his a volley of lefts, but nothing big landed. But he throws a big overhand right that makes contact, mostly to Miller's shoulder. Good combination by Miller there, and he's beginning to establish the jab a little bit. Gamburyan cocks and throws that right again, this time missing everything. Manvil looking for that big equalizer. Miller playing the range. With a minute and a half left, Gamburyan shoots for a takedown—Miller resists, but when along the fence, he's dumped. Gamburyan working some shoulder strikes from Miller's guard. Some bullish ground and pound, but Miller doing well to tie him up. Late in the first round, Miller gets back up.

Round 2:
Gamburyan was very slow to his corner, and was complaining about a blow to the back of the head. It's an extended time between rounds, but he's good to go. They are back at it. Again Miller keeping his range and waving the front kick at Gamburyan's head. Gamburyan stubborn, though, and sets up a takedown attempt with a hard leg kick. He has Miller on the fence again, with Miller sprawling and hammering him with knees and elbows. Now Miller has Gamburyan's back momentarily, which gets a rise from the crowd, but Gamburyan turns it back in his favor and dumps Miller on his back. Gamburyan is bleeding a little bit here. He has his head borrowed into Miller's chest and is working the top game. Miller finally able to stand back up. But he's still fending the takedown on the fence. Gamburyan tries for the single leg, then gives it up and dumps Miller through the hips. Miller's back up. Gamburyan doing a good job of making Miller toil. They finish the round at the center of the cage.

Round 3:
Miller's corner wants Miller to use his knees. Third round underway, and Gamburyan throws a big overhand right that looks like a pitcher throwing a fast ball. He glances Miller. Fight staying in the center of the cage, fighters trading jabs. Miller does bring his knee up but before it gets to Gamburyan's chin he gets tagged with a punch. Gamburyan bleeding in the ear. Miller brings the knee up again as Gamburyan rushes in and lands it square. Momentarily stuns Gamburyan, and the crowd responds, but then Gamburyan shakes it off and takes Miller down. Now working in Miller's guard again, and rough him up. More shoulder pressure that's frustrating Miller. It's all Miller can do to box his ears and stay active. He scoots to the fence and is trying to leverage himself up. Gamburyan tucks his arms behind Miller's kneecaps and keeps him compact. Tremendous, dogged pressure from Gamburyan, and as Miller finally gets to his feet, he is rewarded by getting slammed back down. Crowd reacts. The round ends with Gamburyan in Miller's guard, doing some ground and pound. Good looking fight from Gamburyan.

Manvel Gamburyan def. Cole Miller via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
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