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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
The way you hear Kerry and Obama speak, you'd think the Muslim Brotherhood are a reasonable group that can be negotiated and reasoned with. They are burning churches and killing Coptic Christians; today they are having a "day of rage". First they attend their morning prayer, then they go out in the streets for their day of rage. Of course the military isn't looking any better having killed hundreds of them in the last few days. I think this situation was headed towards a violent showdown no matter what, but the military decided to escalate things sooner.

And there sits Israel.
The Problem for Barack Obama is that The Muslim Brotherhood were DEMOCRATICALLY ELLECTED.

It doesnt actually matter if they are reasonable or not...they were democratically ellected. If Obama sides with the Egyptian Military, he is effectively Condoning the use of A MILITARY COUP AGAINST DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES

IMHO both sides are as bad as each other, BUT the Islamists were democratically ellected, whereas the Military were not.

I have ALWAYS said that the problem with Egypt and the mistakes of the Western World in dealing with Egypt lay right back in the heat of the Arab Spring...ONLY someone like Barack Obama could be confused by what has happened as a result of refusing to help Hosni Mubarack.

Now Egypt will decend into Civil War. I concure with Bonnie...this was pretty much inevitable

The Arab Spring actually represents the first contageous set of concurent revolutions since the First World Revolutionary Era...which George Washington triggered....The Impact of the American Revolution is generally not realized...but if you watch the nations that were involved with the U.S War of Independance, the first thing they did when they got home, was begin the same practice of Civil unrest. As soon as The French had finished securing the future of the United States, they turned on their own fell a huge wave of Monarchic Houses across Europe. The First world completely rejected the ideal of Supreme Rule...Now you are seeing a similar thing with the Arab World. This Instability is going nowhere. It may take decades to sort out...ONLY because England had already gone through a Civil War Era prior to the US bid for Freedom, was it partially saved from a similar fate as vast swaiths of Europe....and in terms of that period...I would say it was at the least 150 years long.

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