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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
dana still has to show that his creative genius TUF is still viable as a show .. he hasn't had a real phenom from the show in a while .. he thought he had it with uriah, but he lost the finale (i think he tanked on purpose) ... he is going to build up uriah as much as he can now and he put him in there with a guy who is going to want to stand ... anyone can get knocked out in this fight
Exactly. Wait and see how much "praise" Rogan/Goldberg give Howard. They will build Howard up as a potential contender who poses a serious threat to Uriah (which they are told to say).

It's part of the narrative. Then, Uriah TKO, or KO's Howard and suddenly Uriah had the "most impressive win of his career" and they will say it was easily one of the "most impressive TKO's" they have ever seen, and "they don't know if they've ever seen a fighter be so dominant" etc (all of which they are told to say).

3-4 fights down the road Uriah faces a contender for the belt and is touted as a serious contender, or "next in line". It's all part of a larger marketing conspiracy. Look at who Uriah fought on TUF. Those guys were both a joke.

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