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Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
Uriah is being "Dana-botted" by the UFC (see: Nate Diaz, Bisping et al). Dana White will insist Uriah be given at LEAST 3 certifiable cans (like Howard, probably Leben next) to fight and win. The cans are "meant" to lose so the Danabots can wrack up a win record and Rogan/Goldberg can build him up in their commentary as "unstoppable".

Howard will never be praised after his loss. He'll just be a can for someone else, maybe...

Of course, I hope Dana is wrong
dana still has to show that his creative genius TUF is still viable as a show .. he hasn't had a real phenom from the show in a while .. he thought he had it with uriah, but he lost the finale (i think he tanked on purpose) ... he is going to build up uriah as much as he can now and he put him in there with a guy who is going to want to stand ... anyone can get knocked out in this fight
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