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Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
Personally I think ALL of Creation suffered God's Wrath upon Adam and Eve's fall in the Garden. Even the planets did. I wouldn't be surprised at all if God caused even the terrain of Mars to undergo a violent series of events itself as part of the curse over all creation.

My own theory is that the Earth and all of the planets once orbited the Sun itself on a circular orbit, and not an elliptical one. My basis for that is how the earth has to endure the change of seasons from cold to hot and from hot to cold...I don't know. I make no claims of expertise, but a constant circular orbit would have made the Earth constant in its climate at least.
Well its certainly possible...after all other Stars have planets that revolve around them differently...even in this System we have one planet that doesnt spin, which means its permanently day time on one side of the planet, and permanent night on the other.

Also, quite common are Binary systems which obviously get complicated with Planets, as more then one star is involved in the system, and sometimes one of the stars is not static but revolving around the other

Just to make it really complex...I think Capella has FOUR Stars in the same system...... A, B, C and D I havent looked into how that would work with planets aswell...but it likely does.

Dont forget Stars also change size, and heat intensity during their existance. Blue, then White, Then Yellow, then Red....with some going Green also...It depends what substance the Reactor is burning. But the basis of the problem is that the Star is one big nuclear reactor turning its essence from one element to another. Burning Hydrogen is fantastic...Not sure Burning Iron works quite as well
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