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Originally Posted by wavetar View Post
I think we've both benefited from a few events with less than stellar participation, lol. It's one of the reasons I suggested only doing numbered events & events with championships on the line...there were way too many 'fight night' events nobody gave a crap about & didn't bother with predictions...myself included!

Sadly, with Matt now retired I think the site has seen it's glory days and the participation rate isn't going to ever be what it was.
Tiz true...our glory days finished in mid summer of 2010 if you ask me...I think there was a three fold cause. Firstly, We started to loose cohension within the moderating team. The results was that the team had decreased to half its size over that some of those people were big on the imput and motivation level...and the Moderating team, as a team of active participents began to wane seriously after that. Before hand we had all, always been everyday posters....since then the active imput of the rest tailed off to the extent that you virtually never see them.

Secondly, the Forum Jumps distroyed the patrons who only posted infrequently, we Jumped from a server to a different one, and then that seemed to fall apart, so we made the jump back, all in the space of a year and a half. We never reclaimed numbers. Now you could argue that names on books of inactive posters dont mean much...but trust me, they can be revived by Private Messages...and yet the forum Jump wiped off their names and their contact details, like starting again. I think we lost fifty percent the first jump, and a total of 80 percent by the second jump never re-registered.

Finally, the impact of Matt Hughes ACTUAL retirement to this place has IMHO made no effect to its down turn, and I'll tell you why. Since 2010 we've had non stop speculation. Hughes himself was talking the possibility of retirement since as early as 2008! oh yes he was, right after Alves. So we have spent YEARS with the "will he, wont he" retire debate. Now, IMO the mere talk of it put people off. Why join a forum of a fighter who is considering retirement? Unfortunatly, Hughes has "considered" Retirement since the very peak of this forums Glory 2010 I was going to other sites to try and persuade people to come back and post...I did that thrice between the middle of 2010 and the start of 2012...but with the gaps going longer and longer between Hughes fights, some people assumed he had ALREADY had a "silent" retirement.

These Three things combined I think have led to what we have today. It is sad...but some of us who loved it most, have had quite a long time to come to terms with this.

IMHO the Glory days probably run from the departure of Andreas to the Departure of Mac and Michelle. I think anything before that was The Rise, including the Founding in 2005, the change of Administrator in 2006, and The Schism of 59. And I think everything from the end of 2010 has been the fall.

I still intend to post here until the whole place vanishes though.

But I digress

I think Wavetar is the winner
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