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Here's an update from my last medical review. I'm reading from the report. I've been learning that I have not been able to remember a lot of things. It's a little depressing because it is hard to grasp just how much stuff I'm not able to remember on a daily basis.

I felt everyone that has followed my progress and given me strength through support and prayers would like to see the results thus far.

Attention Processing: mildly impaired 8th %tile

Semantic Verbal Fluency: <1%ile

Phonemic verbal fluency: 19th %ile

Cognitive Flexibility: 55th %ile

basic numerical processing with components of visual scanning, visual attention and motor functions: moderately impaired 1%ile

General language abilities: moderately impaired 4th%ile

Picture naming 70th%ile

Visuospatial Processing (perceiving, analyzing and metally manipulating visual information such as patters, designs, and where things are in space. 55th%ile

Constructional abilities for visual stimuli (complex figures) high average 75th%ile

Memory: verbal and visual encoding into memory severely impaired at <1%ile

Immediate memory for rote verbal information also severely impaired at <1%ile

Immediate memory for verbal information placed in a context (i.e. stories) was severely impaired at <1%ile.

Recall and recognition tasks were delayed, all functions severely impaired <1%ile.

Cognition has likely reached maximum medical improvement.
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