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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Sue is Mother

During the second world war the Government tried to get people to become self-sufficient...they called it "Dig for Victory" ever sinse then it is written in law that the local council must provide a certain amount of land for public cultivation of fruit and vegetables.

In Harrogate there is about six sites...we call them "Allotments" each site has measured squares of land. Some of them are run by the council, and some the council sold to private owners, but both do the same. They rent out the plotts of land to normal people.

Sadly, there is a VERY long waiting took Sue and I THREE YEARS to get a plott.

The Allotment is at North Outfall, which is almost exactly between Markenfield and Mornington. For Mother it takes about ten mins if that by car...for me its something a little takes me an hour to walk from work to the allotment, and a further fourty mins to walk from my allotment to ends up being a round trip of about three-four miles

I walk to work in the morning, a mile, thirty five moments, then I walk the entire ringways all the way to the entrance to the gorge, another mile, and then I break off through the fields to arrive at north outfall. Once I leave the allotment I travel down the bilton corridor, through Knox...and then I have to cross a dairy farm and I come out near the round about woodlands, and its easy home from there.

I visit the allotment on Wed and Thurs pm after work...sometimes on a Monday, and always on a sunday Sue goes Monday, Tuesday, Wed and Sunday also. No one does Friday or Saturday
You should buy a cheap, used bicycle. It seems like you are spending a lot of time walking. A bike would get you to your destination faster and still give you exercise.
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