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I've always been a HUGE Orson Scott Card fan, most particularly Ender's Game & the rest of his Enderverse. I recently listened to a book of 3 short-story "prequels" if you will:

This, of course, got me all fired up to go back & listen to Ender's Game again (this is about the 4th or 5th time I've heard this story):

After I finished that, I couldn't stop. I went & downloaded the next three books (chronologically in the Enderverse) & burned through them in about a week:

I absolutely love this guy & his writing style. The Ender's Game is very much sci-fi, but the other books are (if you follow Ender's story) much more philosophical or (if you read the Shadow series, as I did) political/military intrigue. If you want to hear a really interesting take on the modern political landscape, I highly recommend his two-part Empire series:

Also, you've probably noticed that all the "book" covers I've shown here are from I've just recently started using them & I'm a huge fan. It's part of Amazon, but it's all audio entertainment: books on tape, old radio drama, stand up comedies, the White House Tapes & a ton more stuff. You buy them & download them to any of your devices you wish. It's awesome, * I highly recommend it.
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