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Default My Idea: UFC Masters: The Champs Division

Its really been breaking my heart these past few years as my favorites and heroes of this sport have been retiring. I have came up with an idea of what I think would be a really fun and exciting division to add the UFC. This may have already been discussed before, but I've broken down specifics and would just like to see what you guys think about it.

UFC Masters Champions division. Age limit: 38-48. Weight limit: 180-210. The last requirement; Must have either won a UFC tourney back in the day at any weight class, or fought for or won a UFC/StrikeForce/WEC/Pride belt at any weight class.

On the age limit, I picked it because that's the ages that I've seen most UFC caliber guys start to kind of fall behind the pack and run into a little bit of trouble. And I don't think anyone wants to see guys much older than that compete. This is the age that I think guys still have the desire and the talent to compete, but just not necessarily with the younger guns. The weight class I picked is because most of the guys that are at that age and would still be fun to watch fight could fit in there. From Matt Hughes to Dan Henderson and Chuck Liddell. And I picked the championship aspect so that it is only the crème de la crème of the older guys fighting in this weight class. It would not be a division for the guys that never had a prime. It would almost be a who's the current best of yesterday?

The last detail of the weight class is that no one would be forced out of their regular division to compete in the Masters.

There likely will never be a Masters division in the UFC, but I would like to hear yall's thoughts on the idea.
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