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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
How could they disallow him when they allow "Brown Pride"? You can't pick and choose your racists.
well I DO know that Brinsa cant really be a racist...because out of all the people that seem to come from this camp, he appears to be the only one, who travels to train else where...and judging on the names of others involved I dont really see how he can be dreadfully racist when he actively chooses to travel abroad and train with other Europeans...But what is interesting is, he seems to be the only one...the other fight camp in the same city provides all the other germanic fighters from that area.

my personal opinion is that whilst Brinsa may well have some really iffy friends, I dont think, he, as in, personally he, has much to do with any of the political or ideological beliefs associated with fascists...or else his name would keep comming up in other places.

You know I'm still conducting some research...but it seems quite vague as to what exactly this Scenario Lok is, and how it differs or doesnt from La Familia....I'm begining to think he might be quite a harmless, possibly right of centrist, german, who just happens to have friends which may be more extreme.

The more I read up and research about him, the more I like him
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