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Originally Posted by 3dlee View Post
I find it quite silly when an individual or group uses any symbolism, jargon, or names affiliated with groups like the Nazi party or the KKK. Any swastikas, white robes and hoods, or mention of "national socialism" automatically remove any credibility of your beliefs in the eyes of most. These people are automatically pinned as racists and will likely never reach any amount of substantial power in any organized, civilized governments. I look at groups like these at the very best as wannabe-guerrillas, or more likely as just a gang. Why would people draw such negative attention to themselves and their causes by brandishing themselves with these labels? I consider myself to be a constitutionalist, a fiscal and social conservative, and a libertarian. I am also a registered Republican. But I have had people refer to me as a "neo-con". The neo automatically makes people think of neo-Nazi so it offends me.

Anyway, off of politics and on this guy. If he is truly still actively a member of a group that waves the flag of national socialism, or more specifically "neo-nazis", I hope he doesn't get an opportunity to fight on such a world stage. It will only bring negative heat to the sport as gangsters and racists fighting in a cage.
I think its a strange one...I mean, in one way, one could argue...what has your political belief got to do with the UFC? If you think about the fact that the UFC has employed in its time convicted armed drug dealers (and that just the British Some of those infact who have in the past been very close to Michael Bisping, who, Ironically, I have always refered to as a Hooligan, Brinsa uses that as his nickname. The UFC have also employed people of the far left, be that the anarchist Jeff Monson...or the fact they tried to get their hands all over Fedor, who is not just a card carrying member of Russian communism, but actually holds political office under Vladamir Putin, who once presented an MMA Award to him....

So...What is wrong with adding a Fascist to the mix, considering you have next to everything else.

Benjamin Brinsa denies that he is a neo-nazi. Now, its funny, because where he lives there are two different fight camps. He is the only one from his particular camp to take MMA seriously, in terms, of for example, going and training with other well known MMA camps. Yet he does NOT belong to the obvious safe camp. He, personally, may not be a fascist, but he DOES hang around with those people who are.

Look up one of his fights on youtube and watch what happens when he wins. Watch the fanatism of those that surround him, the very strange chanting about Scenario Lok. Regardless of whether HE is a nazi, I have no doubt on my level of research which ive conducted in the last two days, that there are definately some in his camp who absolutely are. Though, I think its also right to mention...that they may not consider themselves Neo-Nazi....but they would be classed as German Nationalists, which in the eyes of anyone else, is the same, whether they speak about Hitler, or carry badges or not.

When I was studying at Univeristy, I had to do research into the Federal Government during the Iraq War...and all of those senior members of the American cabinet were written and identified in print as being Neo-Conservatives.

I think, as with Scenario Lok...the problem is not Conservatism....but when a group of conservatives band together and call themselves something. Prior to taking office, those people did not specifically refer to themselves as Republicans...they called themselves "The New America for The Twenty-first century" Do you see the difference. By calling themselves something else, they distinguish themselves as something further Right then Republicanism.

I have not seen any "Neo-Conservatives" on this website. Constitutionalists, Republicans....but I have yet to see anyone take Republicanism to a Supremacy...and thats when one crosses the line between Conservative, and Neo-Conservative....I personally dont know about Brinsa yet, I do know that any German would deny allegations, because its a criminal offense in Germany.

Can one blame Brinsa, just because he has some fascist friends? Does that automatically make him a fascist aswell?? There are British people on Facebook who have deleted me and will no longer speak to me at work because they feel my views are too nationalistic, particularly regarding crime and punishment. They worry that if they are friends with me, people may think they hold the same views. I hasten to add, I am NOT a member of the British National Party, Nor the English Defense League, and in absolutely honnesty, I know of noone by name who is.

Its funny isnt it...I guess we will find out...because IF he is nationalistic, he WILL speak about it when given the opportunity. So be careful to watch his post fight comments, and interviews...It will be interesting to see if he can speak English...I havent seen anything that makes me think he can speak anything other then German...apart from the fact, some of his safer connections, they are English speaking Germans...soooo who knows.
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