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Originally Posted by 3dlee View Post
I consider myself to be a constitutionalist, a fiscal and social conservative, and a libertarian. I am also a registered Republican. But I have had people refer to me as a "neo-con". The neo automatically makes people think of neo-Nazi so it offends me.
This is the first time I have heard that particular reaction to a neo-con. I am in total agreement with you 3dlee, both in your reaction to that label and how you brand yourself politically.

As for this fighter, I think it is a disgrace that the UFC signed him, if he is in fact affiliated with the neo-nazis.

I can't believe this little factoid passed by Dana, et al. So let me get this straight...a fighter under contract to the UFC can't make disparaging remarks about gays or a trans-gendered fighter but the UFC can hire a neo-Nazi?

Something is very, very wrong here.
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