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I find it quite silly when an individual or group uses any symbolism, jargon, or names affiliated with groups like the Nazi party or the KKK. Any swastikas, white robes and hoods, or mention of "national socialism" automatically remove any credibility of your beliefs in the eyes of most. These people are automatically pinned as racists and will likely never reach any amount of substantial power in any organized, civilized governments. I look at groups like these at the very best as wannabe-guerrillas, or more likely as just a gang. Why would people draw such negative attention to themselves and their causes by brandishing themselves with these labels? I consider myself to be a constitutionalist, a fiscal and social conservative, and a libertarian. I am also a registered Republican. But I have had people refer to me as a "neo-con". The neo automatically makes people think of neo-Nazi so it offends me.

Anyway, off of politics and on this guy. If he is truly still actively a member of a group that waves the flag of national socialism, or more specifically "neo-nazis", I hope he doesn't get an opportunity to fight on such a world stage. It will only bring negative heat to the sport as gangsters and racists fighting in a cage.
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