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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
The thing about the meteorites is pretty crazy. I'm not saying it's untrue, it's just not something I would have expected.
Interestingly meteors and comets presumably come from super far away from the earth. Thing is, how do they stay intact for so long if that is the case? At some point they'd be ripped apart by gravity, but this makes sense, esp if the hyrdo-plate theory is true since chunks of the earth's terrain WOULD have been blown into outer space.

Plus, the global flood explains a lot about the fossil record. The conditions for an animal to fossilize need to be created instantaneously, it's not something that can happen over millions of years.

And there was always the question of why so many dinosaur fossils have their heads thrown back and mouths wide open like they were struggling when they died... they were drowning while being crushed under tons of water and mud.
If they have found thousands of such fossils there must be MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of such fossils UN-found. No way by "chance" were there that many animals on the earth stupid enough to get caught up in some flash flood type of situation; which is what is posited by those whom espouse the evolutionary timescale.

The worldwide flood goes a long way to explain so much about the world we live in, even the stratification of the earth's crust. However, scientists refuse to even entertain the theory because they don't want to give any credence whatsoever to the Bible.
Exactly. They won't even TOUCH the evidence. They will not speak of it, look at it, or give it even a minor consideration if it breaks away from their "academic understanding". Evolution is an agenda. Evolution is propaganda. Evolution has a mission to discredit creation, plain and simple.

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