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Default UFC Hires Neo-Nazi Fighter... have to remember that the Continentals still have extremely strict rules regarding what you can and can not say about Germany regarding the second world war. The Germans no longer sing the first verse of their own national anthem for fears that it is two nationalistic (ironic when you consider that the Nazi Party had its own anthem it used anyway in place of the German National Anthem)

Its also important to try and mention the miss-conception that the Nazi party and Adolf Hitler had the same aims and objectives. There were some reasonable Nazi party people. Who whilst nationalistic in their politics, did not like, abide by, or follow Adolf Hitler. Most notible are those involved with the attempted assassinations throughout the war period. Whilst it is true that the harboured thoughts of a germanic empire...that doesnt make them any more evil then any other nation who has ever had an empire.

Regardless of those two points...there remain continental neo-nazi movements, one of which has spawned a fighter who now has a UFC contract. He comes from a training camp known as "La Familia" (The Family) which apparently is funded by, and run inconjunction with fighters from a far right perspective. Some are involved with an actual psedo-political brotherhood known as Scenario Lok, which is absolutely neo-nazi

The fighters name is Benjamin Brinsa.
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