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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
Wow, so I am only just now getting the time to get back on here! I got be a new puppy yesterday & I was barely able to watch the fights between all his shenanigans, let alone post with y'all! I finally managed to get him plum tuckered out, though, & he passed out on the floor of my room, so I've got some time to kill on here!

2) War Robbie a little more, 'cause that was awesome! Everyone's already said it, but man did he look good out there! Light on his feet, mixing up his strikes, it was awesome! His last few fights in Strikeforce, all the was doing was sitting back, waiting to land that one big left a la Hendo or Big Country. I was afraid he'd become too one-dimensional & predictable. Then he comes out last night & looks fluid & dangerous. ROCK ON!!!
3) Demetrius Johnson finally proving Dana White right: if you don't like the flyweights, you don't like this sport! Man, that dude was working good strikes, great footwork, consistent takedowns, amazing passing/top control & aggressive submission attempts. My favorite part is that he listened to his corner between rounds! He had been hunting that kimura for four rounds, but in between 4 & 5, Hume said "If he defends the kimura like that again, transition to the armbar". Sure enough, Moraga defends again & DJ does exactly what his coach told him to do! I love it when that happens. I always love the fights when you can here a coach & see his fighter obey!
4) Rory "Ambien" MacDonald. I was hoping it'd take longer before he started cloning that part of GSP's game.
5) Chick fights = awesome fights!
I noticed that Rory's chest looked like GSP's too. You might be right about the cloning.
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