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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Robbie Lawler vs. Bobby Voelker

Round 1:
Dan Miragliotta is our referee for this welterweight bout. Lawler opens with a flurry. Voelker finds a home for a straight left. Lawler closes the distance and tosses Voelker to the canvas, landing in half guard. Voelker works to his feet, but Lawler has him trapped against the fence. Blood is already pouring out of Voelker's nose. Lawler connects with a big uppercut off the break. Lawler stalking. Voelker blocks a head kick. And another. Huge flying knee from Lawler. Voelker shakes it off and presses forward. Lawler lunges inside with a left, followed by another. Voelker eats a head kick. Lawler is landing at will right now.

Round 2:
Lawler unloads a flurry but slips on his way out. Lawler recovers. Huge head kick topples Voelker! Lawler swarms but it's already over. Wow.

Robbie Lawler def. Bobby Voelker via knockout (head kick) at 0:24 of round two.

Woohoo!!! Great KO, Robbie!

Robbie looked absolutely fantastic, both physically and with his fighting. I'm with Rogan, the best I've ever seen him. He was so light on his feet, moving, the kicks, just everything...outstanding! I've never seen him look so polished. I can't say enough! Just fantastic, Robbie!!!

I didn't get to see Robbie's fight in February when he first came back at welterweight, it seems to suit him very well.

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