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Demetrious Johnson vs. John Moraga

Round 1:
Herb Dean is our referee for this flyweight championship match. Moraga storms forward early. Both men trade leg kicks. Moraga catches Johnson with a body kick, and another. Johnson lunges inside and connects with a straight right. Moraga snaps off a kick to Johnson's lead leg. Johnson ties up, but winds up with his back against the fence. Johnson reverses, then drops down for a double and dumps Moraga on his back. Johnson advances into side control. Johnson briefly traps Moraga's right arm. Moraga frees it and recovers his half-guard. Johnson goes body-head. Moraga threatens with a leglock, then uses the opportunity to create some distance. Johnson jumps onto a front headlock. Johnson stands and cranks down on a guillotine just as the horn sounds. Wow, that could've been deadly.

Round 2:
Moraga whiffs a leg kick. Johnson changes levels then explodes into a double, landing inside Moraga's guard. Johnson passes into side control. Moraga eats a flurry of short punches. Johnson unloads a few knees to Moraga's body. Johnson looks to pass but Moraga whirls around and locks his legs around Johnson's throat. Johnson powers out and reestablishes side control. Johnson hunting for a kimura on Moraga's right arm. Moraga gives up his back. Johnson stands and suplexes Moraga to the canvas. Moraga slowly works back to his feet, then seizes a single. Johnson escapes and returns to the center of the cage. Moraga catches Johnson coming in with a stiff jab. Johnson times his shot, then plants Moraga on his back, landing in side control. Moraga recovers his half-guard. Johnson again hunting for a kimura. Moraga fights it off, but eats a salvo of punches for his troubles.

Round 3:
Johnson fires off a few leg kicks. Moraga wings a looping right at Johnson's chin. Moraga wades inside and connects with a shot to the body. Johnson drops down and easily dumps Moraga on the mat. Moraga opens his guard then throws his legs up to attack, but Johnson simply advances into side control. Moraga gives up his back. Johnson nearly sinks in a body triangle, but Moraga explodes to his feet. Moraga closes the distance and muscles Johnson against the fence. Johnson deftly reverses and trips Moraga, landing in half guard. Johnson seizes a kimura and cranks. This one is deep. Moraga stays patient and works out of it, eventually climbing to his feet, grabbing a single and completing his first takedown. Johnson springs back to life.

Round 4:
We're back in the championship rounds. Johnson unloads a kick to the body. Moraga returns the favor, only to be taken down. Johnson snatches a front headlock, then spins to Moraga's back. Moraga grabs wrist control and stands. Johnson ducks under and dumps Moraga to the canvas, completing his seventh takedown of the fight. Moraga stands, but eats a few knees to the body in the process. Johnson works to the clinch, then connects with an illegal knee to a downed Moraga. Dean didn't notice it. Moraga is back to his feet. He's still in it, but he has to do something drastic. Just as I type that, Moraga staggers Johnson with a looping right hook. Blood explodes out of Johnson's nose. Johnson senses danger and completes another takedown.

Round 5:
Moraga lunges inside with an uppercut. He knows he needs to finish this. Johnson ducks under a punch and dumps Moraga on his back. Johnson postures up then moves into side control. Moraga briefly climbs to his feet, but quickly finds himself back on the mat. Johnson locks in the beginning stages of a gator roll. Moraga powers out then stands, but Johnson dumps him back on the canvas, working into side control. Johnson hunting for a kimura on Moraga's right arm. Johnson spins for the armbar. He's got it.

Demetrious Johnson def. John Moraga via submission (armbar) at 3:43 of round five.
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