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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Ed Herman vs. Trevor Smith

Round 1:
Herb Dean is the referee for this bout. The fight's first exchange ends with Smith, the hometown favorite as a Tacoma native, bodylocking Herman along the fence. Herman esxapes and lands an uppercut, then wobbles Smith with a right. Herman follows him and lands a couple more uppercuts in close. They break. Smith tags Herman with a big left, then a big right. This is turning into quite a slugfest. Smith absorbs another uppercut and a big knee. They clinch and Herman goes with the dirty boxing. Smith lands a knee and fires a right as Herman backpedals out of the way. Smith pops Herman with a right. Final minute. Herman sprawls a takedown attempt and lands a nasty two-punch combo. Smith cut over his left eye. Big ovation from the crowd.

Round 2:
Smith throws a head kick and slips. Herman goes to the mat and holds in him in a headlock. Smith catches him with a kick to the body as they get back to their feet. The pace slows. Smith with a low kick and Herman lands a body shot. Midway through the round. Herman has an answer every time Smith comes at him. Smith finally scores a takedown. Back to their feet with two minutes left. Smith scores two left hands and just misses with a right. Smith lands a left cross as Herman comes after him. Another clinch Herman lands a knee, then drops and turns it into a takedown. Smith has him in a loose guillotine.

Round 3:
An early exchange ends with a Herman takedown. He’s got Smith in a triangle. Herb Dean looks like he’s close to calling it. He escapes and he’s back on his feet. Pace has slowed, as there’s a lot of clinch work without either guy getting much of an advantage. Two minutes left. A Smith kick lands low and Dean calls timeout. Smith kicks low and Herman lands two lefts. Herman goes for a takedown but Smith gets out of the way. Smith lands a head kick solid, but Herman doesn’t blink. Big round of applause from the crowd in the final seconds. The pair embrace after the horn.

Ed Herman def. Smith via split decision (30-27, 27-30, 29-28).

Congrats to Ed Herman, but why in the world didn't Trevor Smith go in for the finish in the 1st when he rocked Herman?...a costly missed opportunity for Smith.
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