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Rory MacDonald vs. Jake Ellenberger

Round 1:
Herb Dean is our referee for this welterweight co-main event. MacDonald connects first, finding a home for a stiff jab. Ellenberger swings and misses. Neither fighter willing to commit to anything significant yet. Ellenberger circles right while MacDonald stalks forward. MacDonald pumps his jab, Ellenberger follows suit. The crowd is already getting a bit restless. Ellenberger wades inside but can't connect. MacDonald dodges a front kick. Blood is slowly dribbling out of MacDonald's nose. MacDonald pressures with his jab. Ellenberger loads up with a left, but whiffs. More boos from the crowd.

Round 2:
MacDonald taps Ellenberger's chin with a front kick. MacDonald doubles up on his jab. Ellenberger misses a left. He's struggling to get inside. Ellenberger finally changes levels and shoots for a double, but MacDonald fights it off. MacDonald plants another jab on Ellenberger's chin. The boobirds are back. Ellenberger blocks a head kick. Ellenberger can't get anything going right now. Ellenberger wades inside with a flurry but nothing lands flush. MacDonald sidesteps a leg kick.

Round 3:
Ellenberger needs to ratchet up the intensity. MacDonald tosses out a series of front kicks to keep Ellenberger at bay. MacDonald pumps his jab then follows with a straight right. Ellenberger eats another jab. High kick misses for MacDonald. MacDonald continues to work his jab. The boos are overwhelming at this point. Another front kick connects for MacDonald. MacDonald slips but Ellenberger can't capitalize. MacDonald snaps Ellenberger's head back with a jab. Time is running out for Ellenberger. MacDonald doubles up on his jab. Ellenberger finally changes levels and dumps MacDonald on his back, landing in full guard. Less than a minute left to do something. MacDonald ties him up, then throws his legs up for an armlock. Ellenberger spins and MacDonald takes his back at the horn.

Rory MacDonald def. Jake Ellenberger via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

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