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Yves Edwards vs. Daron Cruickshank

Round 1:
Cruickshank, who was a replacement for Spencer Fisher, firest a right hand and lands a solid body kick. Edwards responds with a kick of his own. Both fighters tentative in the early going. with Cruickshank circling to the outside, Edwards pursuing, and both guys firing an occasional shot. Cruickshank with a two-punch combo. Edwards tags him with a left to the jaw. Cruickshank fires a spinning back kick which misses. Both guys go for kicks right before the horn.

Round 2:
More of the same in round two, as Cruickshank darts around and Edwards cuts off his angles. Cruickshank with a pair of head kicks. Edwards shakes his head "no" to both. Edwards with a pair of lefts. A Cruickshank body kick connects. They trade solid body kicks. One minute left. Edwards with a leg kick and a front kick to the body. Cruickshank connects on a spinning back elbow late. Similar close round to the first, but this time, Cruickshank connected more.

Round 3:
Still a kickboxing match, with neither guy able to gain a distinct advantage. Edwards just dodges an axe kick. Cruickshank connects with a head kick. Two minutes left. This fight is still wide open for whoever wants it more. Edwards doing most of the astalking and Cruickshank most of the circling, but neither man's throwing much. Cruickshank goes for a takedown and Edwards stuffs it. Crowd jeers in the closing seconds.

Daron Cruickshank def. Yves Edwards via split decision (30-27, 27-30, 30-27).
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