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Aaron Riley vs. Justin Salas

Round 1:
Randy Corley is the referee for this lightweight bout. The veteran Riley pursues Salas around the cage; Salas meets him with a right hand whenever he tries to close the distance. Same dynamic, except Riley throwing kicks. Still Riley still pursuing Salas. Salas with a takedown, but Riley's back to his feet. Riley blocks a head kick and throws a front kick which grazes Salas. Salas connects on a body kick. Salas still content to run and counter. Salas with another takedown, but again Riley pops right back up. Riley shakes off another Salas head kick. Silas lands a head kick and Riley's cut over his left eye. Riley stuffs a takedown. Salas goes for a takedown at the buzzer.

Round 2:
Salas comes out with a takedown and then a head kick as soon as they reach their feet. Riley stuffs a takedown attempt, he pushes Riley back to the feence, and they break without incdient. Riley lands a body kick but Salas responds with a takedown. Riley's face is slowly turning into a bloody mess and Salas is cut up as well. Riley with a sweet trip, but Salas pops right back up. Two minutes left. The pace slows. Salas with a two-punch combo as Riley charges in. Salas pops Riley in the face with a left hand. Riley sprawls a takedown, but Salas lands a head kick.

Round 3:
Salas shoots for a single in the early going. Riley somersaults out of it and then eats a head kick on the way up. Riley's spirit is willing but his body is showing the signs of too many cage wars. Time-out as Riley takes a bad eye poke. Back to action, two minute left. Riley hobble Salas with a brutal leg kick. Salas regains his balance. Riley with another let kick and Salas responds with a high kick. Salas shoots for a single and throws a high kick off the break. Salas lines up Riley for what would have been a nasty knee and just misses. Riley going for broke, connects on a head kick. Just misses with another one. Throws a spinning back fist that just misses. Sprawls a takedown attempt. He's firing kicks right up until the buzzer.

Justin Salas def. Aaron Riley via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28).
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