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It's hard to feel sorry for them considering their part in getting Obama elected and pushing Obamacare for him. It'd be one thing if Obamacare was just going to affect unions, and others who are still backing this disastrous law, I'd say it's their just desserts, but unfortunately our whole country is going to suffer.

This morning FOX news was reporting that big name republicans are threatening to shut down the government if necessary in order to defund Obamacare. I think this would be disastrous for republicans, they would be playing right into Obama and the democrats' hands if they were to do that.

I'm hoping now that the unions are in an uproar about their member's health plans being in jeopardy, they might be able to use the power of their purse and votes to threaten, uh, I meant to say "move" Harry Reid and democrats to do something about Obamacare before 2014.
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