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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
so harry can never be king? what if beth, chuck and will go tomorrow? harry wouldn't be king?

not that i care, but since you said harry could never be king got me confused ... harry would be a pretty cool king ..
Nope...if Elizabeth, Charles and William all die, the new Royal Baby would be the Monarch. In England, the Realm has known Boy Kings before. However, often a parent or close relative would be Regent until they came of age.

I imagine that if those three died, Catherine would become Princess Regent, until George becomes 18 years old.

Now only if you kill George as well will Harry become King. It generally thought that by the time the Crown passes to the next generation in terms of immediate heirs, the probability of anyone in any generation above not in direct line, stand next to no chance.

When Queen Anne died, she left no offspring for the House of Stuart to Continue, and she had no Siblings either. So the Government went through a list of possible successors, and crossed off any that were Roman Catholic. The first protestant on the list was Sophia of Hanover...but she died before when Anne died, Sophias Son became King George.

In order for a new House to be Developed

*Every living relative of Hanover as far back as the change by Royal Proclimation to Windsor must be deceased. That is at present Fourty Nine people.

*The House must pass to a Male within the Living Relative bracket of Windsor, but who was born to a Mother accepting a Dowedger name permitted as part of the Proclimation

These include on the present list of Fourty Nine

Numbers 16-21 (who are offspring of the Queens Deceased Sister, who were not living at the decree of the automatic male name change, and thus born with a different surname)

Numbers 26-31 (who are offspring to the Third and Fourth Generations of the Son of George V who never rulled as Monarch)

Numbers 36-40 (who are offspring to the third and fourth generations of the daughters of the son of George V, who never rulled as Monarch)

Numbers 43-49 (Who are the offspring of the fourth, fifth and Sixth Generations decended down the most recent branch of offspring from George V who never rulled as Monarch)

At Present the Queens Daughter and her Family, who go by the name of Philips, would still be considered Windsors...but only whilst the Monarch resides in the Stem of their Offspring. The Moment Charles becomes King, the offspring of Princess Anne will move to a Generation above the Monarch, rather then below or akin...therefore, to re-involve them in the line, would mean obliteration of everything below a monarch, and therefore, with their names changed matriarchally, were they to ever asscend they would be classed as a different house.

You only ever have family precidence whilst the Kingship is above, or in your generation...the moment the Kingship passes to a younger generation, your generation moves from close relative, to distant...and its the significance of the distance which entails a new house.

At the moment Princess Anne is too close to the Queen to be considered a distant relative of the Monarch...but when George Alexander Louis is on the throne...Princess Annes family in relation to the Monarch wont be Daughter...but Great you follow?
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