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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
The Queen has a direct Great Grand Son as an Heir tonight!

Catherine bore a baby male to William today, ensuring that her bloodline becomes a permanent future of the royal family, by blood not just by dowager. This has effectively knocked Prince Harry out of the running as a future his Brothers offspring and their entire families to be, would have to be sat before him.

This Baby, a Male, is yet unnamed and hasnt been photographed or shown to the world yet. It was announced by Royal Proclaimation outside Buckingham Palace...a small little painters easle set up with a small notice on it

We must not forget that women in the past have been executed in Royal Circles for the inability to produce male heirs. Catherine has done really well, and can relax now, that no matter how many other children she has, she now has a Male Heir who automatically becomes fourth in line.
Congratulations, Dave and other Brits on the forums!

(er...except this baby is actually third in line to the throne. Yes, I keep track of these things...)
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