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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
Well yes, but because that's the law, not because of the latent racism you're implying (or alluding?).

Actually, thinking about the situation, if they had gotten in the altercation & Martin ended up shooting Zimmerman, it presumably would have been with Zimmerman's own gun, which would have made it really easy for him to make the case it was self-defense. Zimmerman wouldn't have been able to tell his side of the story (I was trying to keep an eye on him & protect my community), and Martin could say "This guy was tailing me, the cops told him to stop but he didn't, he got out of the car & came after me, I saw his gun & was afraid for my life so I fought back & used his own gun to keep him from killing me."

I think we'd be in pretty much the same situation.
imo i don't think we'd be in pretty much the same situation ... right or wrong, it would be easier to paint a more incriminating picture of a 17 year old walking in the rain with a hoodie ... who's been caught for smoking weed in the past etc .. i mean, what else would he be doing at that time of night in the rain ...
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