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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
Where are you getting that? I thought the initial cops and the lead investigator that night, Chris Serino, wanted to charge Zimmerman. The prosecutor (who did not respond to the crime scene or the police dept) denied their request. The police chief was Zimmerman's big backer.

btw, Did you know that Zimmerman's dad is a retired judge? And there is pics of Zimmerman walking around the police dept unattended before. Just like he was at home there. He was no stranger to these guys.

Zimmerman was also charged before with resisting arrest and battery of a cop. Those charges were dropped.

He has also been accused of domestic violence. Nothing came of that but a protection order from a judge.

There were also reports that people from that community had complained to the police dept and to the neighborhood watch about Zimmerman being too aggressive and one man complained that he (Z) followed him home once. (Although, surely if this were true the prosecution would have brought that out.)
Neez, I am "getting that" from the same place all my comments are from - trial testimony.

Officer Chris Serino was a prosecution witness but may have helped the defense when he described how Zimmerman, purposely tricked into thinking there was video of the clash, said he had been hoping someone taped it.

“He’s either telling the truth or he’s a pathological liar,” Serino said.

He then added under further questioning that he believed Zimmerman.

The rest of your comments about Z had nothing to do with the trial. Ditto M's pot smoking, gun-brandishing photos, fighting, trouble at school and thefts.
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