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Default This guy believes every Pixar film takes place in the same universe over 3.7k years

This video by Jon Negroni just proves that one could assemble any concept if given a long enough time span. He calls it 'The Pixar Theory' which essentially attempts to explain that all Pixar films take place in the same universe that spans 3,700 years -- a universe that ultimately renders human useless through self-serving AI and replaces them with an entire civilization of autonomous beings.

Humanity basically become enslaved like The Matrix, and starting with Toy Story 3, robots essentially take over the world. By the movie Wall-E, all that's left of civilization is discarded trash. Yeah, we know it's wild. Now check out the video of 'The Pixar Theory.'

For people that don't have the time to dedicate fifteen minutes of their life listening to how animated cartoons are an expression of robots' emergence in the world, check out this handy chart breaking down the entire thing.

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