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Default Hugh Jackman really wants Wolverine and Spiderman to appear in The Avengers 2

With Marvel Studios ramping up for Comic-Con by unveiling new posters for both “Thor: The Dark World” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” I’m finding it hard to not to focus on what both films eventually lead to —“The Avengers 2.”

Apparently fans aren’t the only one’s salivating for the upcoming super movie, because with his own Marvel comics movie on the horizon, Hugh Jackman has expressed a hopeless interest in somehow being involved in the team’s next mission. Hell, he even mentioned joining up with NYC’s friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

In an interview with, Jackman said:
I said, ‘Man, can this happen?’ and he [Marvel executive] goes ‘Look, it’s not gonna be easy because you’re working with different studios and they’re their properties.’ But I believe—maybe I’m optimistic, I understand at Marvel they’ve got The Avengers, they’ve got a lot of big things going on, but at some point I just find it almost impossible that there’s not a way to bring Iron Man, all the Avengers characters, Wolverine, the X-Men characters, Spider-Man, and somehow get them in together.

I’m like, okay you’ve got three studios, just split it three ways in terms of the cost, and happy days it’s all coming together! I would love to… I’m in for it, I’m totally up for it because I think that would be really exciting for fans across the board.
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