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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
As someone who did not follow this case at all, the before & after pictures of him were really disingenuous. You could tell his attorneys coached him to fatten up & grow his hair out so he'd look "respectable" and "decent" as opposed to that "thug kid". Makes it harder to trust someone's story when they're clearly spinning things from the moment you look at them.
The police disagree with you, the detective who interviewed Z said he believed he was telling the truth unless he was a pathological liar.

Actually, his family said he put on all the weight from being in home detention and not getting out to exercise. But maybe they were lying although why on earth they would about such a thing as his weight is beyond me.

Your argument about making him look "respectable" and "decent" as opposed to that "thug kid" holds no water since from day one the pictures released of M were basically his 12-year-old pictures. The AP is still using them.

The prosecution withheld discovery pictures from the defense of M smoking weed and brandishing a gun.
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