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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
As someone who did not follow this case at all, the before & after pictures of him were really disingenuous. You could tell his attorneys coached him to fatten up & grow his hair out so he'd look "respectable" and "decent" as opposed to that "thug kid". Makes it harder to trust someone's story when they're clearly spinning things from the moment you look at them.
Zimmerman's keys was found on the ground 50ft from where the shooting took place.

Both voice experts said it was Martin's voice yelling 'stop' and 'help' in the beginning of the 911 call. One said the later was Zimmerman. One said the later could have been Zimmerman. (I wished the judge would have let them testify.)

Zimmerman was training in MMA three times a week. In less than a minute decides he can't get up or defend himself. But he can reach into his pants and pull his gun.

I still believe that Zimmerman tried to detain the boy and the boy punched him.

And when Zimmerman apologized to the family he said he didn't know how old Martin was. He said he thought he was closer to his own age. Really? In the 911 call he told the dispatcher that he was in his teens. And also called him a kid.

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