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Default Highly addictive drugs and their video game equivalent

When I used to play Ultima Online, my dad wanted to put me in some form of rehab because I spent an entire weekend camping harpies in the Covetous dungeon for their feathers so I could make arrows for my archer. When I was in high school, that seemed like a perfectly normal thing for me to do. In fact my parents should have been happy that I wasn't doing black tar heroin in Plano, TX on the weekend like all the other kids in my high school. Little did they know that my addiction to Ultima Online was congruent to any other physical dependency, and it set me back $19.95 a month.

We all know gaming is addictive. If you tabulated the amount of hours you spent playing Skyrim, then it doesn't take a genius to see that you were addicted. Chances are you didn't even finish Skyrim, but you simply knew you had to stop playing in fear of your social life. Dorkly created these ultra-realistic graphics depicting how your favorite games are equivalent to addictive drugs, check it out.

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