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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
It's actually kind of funny that you remember MacT as a Calvinist. I remember him being extremely hostile to the Calvinist doctrine.

Personally, I didn't know much about what Calvinism was back then and I was very hesitant to be associated with it. Now that I have had a few years to study it, I don't find much to disagree with at all.
No he was a Calvinist...He even believed in TULIP, I cant remember what that stands for...but as he was the one to explain it to me when I specifically asked, I know he was a Calvinist. He believed that only the ellect got saved, and that GOD created people destined for hell because they could not choose life of their own accord. IF they "chose" anything, it was merely because the Spirit had already got them. Therefore its predestined salvation.

I think you liked the bit about sin being so overpowering that it rendered humans incapable of choosing to follow Christ...but you hesitated because of the obvious flaw in accept that doctrine, is to accept pre-destination entirely when it comes down to salvation...which isnt fine when you consider that Christ wouldnt sacrifice himself for all...but then not choose to give some the option to choose him freely.

Last I heard you had changed your stance on that one also...and if we didnt like it, it was simply because GOD was beyond our ability to comprehend...which whilst true is much the same get-out clause you've used concerning the theories on the flood. Its beyond our comprehension, so lets just accept the paradox and ignore what a cruel GOD that would logically create.

I cant do that Nathan. I wish I could...but as I put in my Siggie once until you told me to remove it coz you said it was offensive

"Calvinism creates a loveless GOD, Universalism creates a Judgeless GOD"

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