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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
How are you defining "aggressor"? A lot of people are saying he was the aggressor because he got out of his car, I don't agree with that. Neither of them had broken any laws or done anything illegal until the first punch was thrown, and Zimmerman is the one with the broken nose. The only mark on Trayvon is the bullet wound. Zimmerman could have used his gun a lot sooner than he did, but he didn't do that. If he was the aggressor I would have expected the shot to come sooner.

He didn't just get of his car. He gave chase. He admits that on the 911 call. Dispatch tells him not to so he stops. However, he had given exact address to clubhouse. Tells them to go left of clubhouse past mailboxes and there is his truck. (Pretty exact directions, why look for street name?) Dispatch suggests meeting police at the mailboxes. He at first agrees and then tells her to have them call him and he will let them know where he is. (He has no intention of giving up the pursuit, imo.) He has already expressed outrage that they always get away. And upset that he 'lost him' on the phone. I call him the aggressor because I believe he continued to pursue Martin. (and probably tried to detain him)

Two things you haven't commented on, 1) both Mike and I hit on the fact both of them tell the people they are on the phone with that they've lost sight of the other one, and 2) those 4 minutes Trayvon had to get safely home. They've lost sight of each other and Trayvon has the time to get safely home. Why didn't he go home! How do you get around that?!
He told his girlfriend that he was going to try to lose the guy following him. I'm not sure I would want to lead someone following me to my front door.

Yeah, and about those 4 mins. What was Zimmerman doing? Did it take him 4 mins to look for a street sign and start back to his car? He has given them exact directions to his truck. Why not just meet them there?

Martin's girlfriend was on the phone with him until 1 min before 911 calls about a fight. She says he was at his father's place, heard the initial confrontation of them meeting up last time. I believe Zimmerman found him there, Martin ran (hence the woman who saw the running of two people 10 feet apart "then later maybe only one, lol" guy ), Zimmerman caught him and then proceeded to get his ass beat.

I believe he shot Martin in self defense but I think he got himself in that position to start with.

Neighborhood watch people are not supposed to follow/pursue. It's in the handbook. lol

I believe this was vigilante justice. However in this case the kid was doing nothing wrong.
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