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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I think you are simply misremembering the discussions from the earlier forums.
I doubt that

The main reason I was forced to change my theory of seven periods of time was specifically because of a conversation, with you, on this very forum, when you went into detail about the different words used and how it definately meant seven 24 hour days, and not seven periods of time.

Creationalism was one of the biggest challenges for me when the Christian Section was first set up...coz you all believed in that, and in young earth also, infact I recall you arguing using the geneology to prove it, and me saying that those genelogies could be full of holes, or the numbers could be figurative or even hold pragmatical value according to numerology, rather then be accurate about the ammount of time passed. You were adament.

My view was formed in reaction to this several other views have been also...thats how I know what you said, because it had an impact on my theories....You, Parmanidies, Play The Man, Warriorlion, and Psykojojo have each contributed directly to changes in my personalized theology through interaction on this forum, specifically between 2007-2009...What I like to call "The MacT Era" since of all those who came onto the forum, none I remember I dislike quite as much as that staunch Calvinistic Puritan.

I also write things in my journals about conversations that happen here...I dont work completely from memory, I have a whole shelf of records on every aspect of my life, which I regularly use as a resource tool...and sometimes I read just for fun, or when I feel nostalgic...not to mention, I have my video blogs aswell, where, at least up until 2010, they were almost entirely aimed at and about me in relationship to this forum, for this forum as its intended audience.
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