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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
The problem with that...and its a view I held for a long time also that Genesis doesnt just define the periods of time as days...but as parts of days...Morning, and Evening. It is as if every effort is made to highlight the point that these were not seven period of time...or seven days from GODs point of view...but that they were seven, litteral, blocks of time, with a morning and an evening...
Well, the Genesis account does define the days as days. There was a Hebrew word that could have been used if GOD had wanted to describe a vague period of time, but He didn't. The word used for day in the Hebrew means a 24-hour day.

Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
You've also changed your stance on this...during the time of MacT you were a strict creationalist...who told me that it wasnt seven periods of time, but seven, twenty four hour days
I'm still a strict 24-hour days Creationalist. I just believe that science is viewing a skewed version of the events. Either because of a flaw in our system or just the expansion of the universe making those days appear to be billions of years.

I first read about the time dilation theory around 2003, so it's always been a possibility in my mind. I think you are simply misremembering the discussions from the earlier forums.
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